Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Hello bloggy friends! I do apologize for my absence. I've still been hibernating as spring has been taking it's sweet time in arriving here on the western shores of Lake Michigan. But I dare say it's here now! 

This is our first spring in our little brick cape, and with spring comes the discovery of flowers! 

I have sweet little crocuses springing up alongside the house and hyacinth too! My mom was here visiting this past week and cut a few bouquets of hyacinth to put around my house. It is the best air freshener I've ever smelled. The scent is so sweet, I'm putting it right up there with lilacs as my favorite flower to smell. 

The baby has been picking me handfuls of flowers. He has the biggest sweetest smile handing them to me (that I haven't been able to catch on camera yet). 

We went kite flying when my mom was here. It was a perfect day! A picnic at the lighthouse followed by kite flying while the baby napped in the fresh, brisk wind. 

I have never seen blues and greens like the ones in this Great Lake of ours. 

The next couple weeks we are planning on taking some bird watching hikes at the nature center, building some garden boxes (that will hopefully be bunny-proof), setting up a tire swing for the boys, and I'm thinking some fresh paint in our bedroom and building some bookshelves in the living room will make the "to do" list too! 

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