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A little about me...

maybe.  Writing about myself is hard... it's the introvert in me I think.
My token profile in social media goes a little something like this:

I'm a leo-cancer-leo, if you're into that sorta thing.
scanner, dilettante, drifter, beloved dinner party guest
geeks loves me, gluten hates me
from the Mistake by the Lake to the Windy City
broad shoulders, wide hips, low to the ground, built for work.

In real life, when I'm not trying to sound cool on the internet, I'm a hardworkin' single mama.  3 jobs, 1 kid, back to school for OT before my massage therapist hands secede from my body in protest.  One of those 3 jobs is of the arty persuasion, I sling my crafts at the occasional craft fair and online as well as commissioned pieces using just about any medium requested.  Never met a craft I didn't like (except maybe large scale knitting).

The b stands for Becky but I'll be honest, I answer to just about anything.  My minion is named Sullivan, sul for short.  (Sully means "to make dirty" or it's that big blue and purple monster... although he does make a mess so that first definition isn't too far off)  

We're enjoying our time just outside of Chicago-- close enough to hop on the el, far enough away to stay safe walking around at night, and with enough snotty Frank Lloyd Wright-ophiles to keep the scenery pretty.

If, by some strange turn of events, you want more of this nonsense... you can find me on


Well hello there. I'm Annaliese, 1/3 of the infamous (at least to us) Midwest Craft Alliance. I'm a human. You know, doing stuff here and there. I have two not-so-little-anymore daughters, one perfect husband, and three weirdo cats. I wish I could tell you I also have a hedgehog and a bat, but I've been told that three cats are enough pets in the house. Le sigh.
I love to draw, paint, and do art in general, as well as write and create crafty things. I also enjoy music, which is good because my husband is a musician. I actually enjoy taking care of our home and making it nice. I also actually enjoy making our kids' school lunches. I told the kids that if anyone says anything about their black cat shaped sandwiches or Miffy rice balls, they can just say their mom is an artist, "It's cool." Our family does a lot of awesome stuff like traveling, community events, hiking, etc etc etc (the list goes on), so that should be a preemptive answer to anyone who wants to ask, "What do you all do?" when I tell you: We don't have a television.

My husband is an amazing chef (whether he'll admit it or not) and we always eat dinner as a family, which we think is really important.

I am really thrilled to be doing a blog with Eryn and Becky. These are two grade-A, talented ladies who I have known for a long time and have been a great support to me throughout the years!

Like my cohorts, I have an Etsy shop and sell the various things I make. It's quite fun! Soon I will be selling prints of my artwork and that makes me very excited. I like the pieces I create. They make me happy and I hope they make other people smile at least a little. I also make play food with the help of my minions -- er, I mean children. We always have to make extra for their own play kitchen.

I'm also on the various social media sites; take a look if you would like:


Hey there!

 I'm Eryn, the New England born and bred part of the alliance. Over the past decade or so I've lived in several states around this country but always considered myself a New England girl......until I fell in love with the western shores of Lake Michigan. I now call Southeastern Wisconsin home along with my reggae lovin' husband, our brood of boys, and the coolest kitty this side of the Mississippi; Allspice aka Spicy Cat (this I feel is a valid claim as Annaliese and I are on opposite sides of the river).

 My days are full with homeschooling my older boys, crafting, cooking, all the fun that comes along with a 9 month old, and in general keeping this house of menfolk in line. I truly enjoy being in the kitchen preparing food for my family and it doesn't seem like a chore to me. I'm obsessed with all things wool; knitting, spinning, and someday I dream of having sheep ( I also dream of goats, chickens, and a dairy cow).

As a family we enjoy shopping our local farmers market (which just ended for the year, boo), spending time at the lakefront (especially in the fall/winter), hiking, camping, going to local events and festivals, and family bike rides with our bakfiets (bucket bike).

I'm so excited to be on this blogging adventure with my two long time friends and I just hope they can put up with my excessive use of punctuation and parenthesis.

Other places you can find me are:

Spicy Cat

My 3 sons up a tree
Mama on the prairie

Sexiest man alive ;)

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