Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Instagram Peeps, Where Y'at? (New Fun IG Stuff)

I have found a new project of sorts on Instagram...selling vintage/pre-loved/antique/awesome things I find while treasure hunting. Until a few months ago I didn't even know this existed. There are so many truly nice people on there who buy, sell, and trade great finds, so I thought I would give it a try, too. 

My IG seller account is annaliesefindsthings. As my short bio says, "Like Pippi Longstocking, I am a Thing-Finder. Come browse my treasures". If you don't know the reference, you should read the book! (Pippi is so cool.) 

I recently came upon a fairly large quantity of antique and vintage books. Some are from 1902! You can imagine my excitement. I felt like I had just found a buried treasure or something. 

Other than the Instagram fun, I am still working on things for my Etsy shop and taking care of my family (humans, felines, and birds), our home, and our outdoor paradise (or so I like to think of it) full time. We have some changes coming up for the kids in the way of schooling after this school year is over in a few weeks; changes that affect our whole family and that are big and awesome changes. I'll get into that later. =) 

I hope everyone has a chance to spend some time in the out-of-doors this week!

P.S. Oh! Husband and I started watching a documentary on the Celts...we had no idea that they were all across Europe and did not originate in Ireland. Minds --> blown. Why didn't we learn about this in school? 

P.P.S. Felix the Fox now lives in Australia! Bon voyage, Felix! I hope he's having a great time. ^_^ 

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