Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And then she baked....

I've been feeling gloomy as of late, for no real reason, which just makes it more frustrating.

Maybe it's the season? Though I really, truly do love winter. The cold, the snow, needing to wear a sweater each day, the way frost forms it's icy art on the windows. The way I can't open the back door because it's frozen shut......

So maybe it's not the season after all. Maybe it's pure exhaustion. Whatever it is I've made up my mind to cure myself of this funk. 

Some steps I've taken are to reduce my screen time and focus on being more present with my children and husband. I deleted my Facebook app off my phone as it was becoming too much of a time suck for me. I'm much less likely to waste time online if it means using the actual computer. I'm feeling good about this decision and bonus! My eyes hurt less! I know, who'd a thunk it.

I decided to start a knitting project just for me! I rarely knit anything for myself and if I do it's something small and quick, it's time I made something awesome for myself. Enter the Angry Sheep Cardigan!

Yesterday, ugh, yesterday. Let's just say by the time 7pm rolled around the only thing that was going to salvage the day was chocolate. So what do you make when you NEED chocolate and have copious amounts of rye flour in your pantry? Rye chocolate cookies of course! Yes, it sounds odd and maybe even dry and crumbly, but I'm telling you these cookies were the tastiest (and easiest) cookies I have ever made. Honestly!

Other things I'm doing are; making a list of veggies I want in the garden this year, planning said garden, and adding hot cocoa to my coffee on a daily basis. It's the little things people :)

Are you feeling the winter blues or the un-winter blues? What are you doing to stay positive?


  1. I LOVE the angry sheep cardigan. Omg.

  2. Wow, I'm flattered to hear how much you enjoyed those cookies! Thanks for discovering the recipe and giving them a try. If you have any left, do try them with a glass of milk.

    On another note, I hope you get out of the winter doldrums soon. Every once in a while I see a little sign of spring, and it's a very welcomed sight!

    1. Daytona you were right, excellent with milk!

      I'm really enjoying reading through recipes over on your blog. My husband is of Scandinavian descent and I'm thrilled to have a resource for adding some foods inspired by his heritage!

      We got 8 inches of snow today, but it's supposed to hit the upper 30's this week, that's almost like spring :)