Saturday, November 30, 2013

We did it: Friendsgiving (+ much much more)

What a week! Our anniversary, Husband's birthday, Thanksgivikkuh, I missing anything? Wow, I feel about partied out. This post will consist of picture collages and explanations thereof. 
Last Saturday was our wedding anniversary and we spent a lovey dovey, rrrromantic three days in St. Louis by ourselves. Aww yeah. Despite me pretty much completely losing my voice on Saturday, everything was perfect. When we got there we found out that a band we love, High On Fire, was playing ON our anniversary! It was amazing and prompted Husband to create the tag #metalversary. Other highlights included lots of alone time, great Mexican food, the art museum, and the list goes on and on. So much love. <3

On the way home we visited Cahokia, a large archeological site from the Mississippian culture that created a huge city complete with enormous earthen mounds. Pretty freaking incredible. We even climbed to the top of the biggest mound, where the chief lived, and went to a recreation of their woodhenge. What a perfect way to end a perfect trip!
A few days after we came back it was Husband's birthday and some friends came to our house to celebrate. He made a plethora of Asian dishes. I made him some seasoned salt. 
Next came Thanksgiving, which was very event-full and we ended up sort of vegging out that night. 

Friday was Friendsgiving and we did it up proper. The first part of the day was spent grocery shopping for ingredients, cooking, setting the table, etc. Then came the friends, food, and fun. 
We played so much dreidel. I think everyone was pretty dreideled out by the end of the night, but in a good way. Husband made a brisket and latkes, and friends brought an array of amazing side dishes and desserts. 
Today there were no parties! Our family checked out a nature area we had never been to and had a great time outside in the nice weather. 
Believe it or not, the fun isn't over! We still have one more day left of this super fun five days we've had off of work and school with each other!


  1. your husband needs to model for hipster small businesses. wood veneer sunglasses, knit hats, screen printed novelty tees.... there is money to be made here and if the beard fits, man...

    1. Would you like him to model your earwarmers? =D