Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Avraham, Carrot, Felix, and Josephine

I have been busy. Busy with foxes!
That's a good kind of busy. Check out these little guys and girls. What do you think?
The one on the left with the scarf is Carrot, who is going to be Miss G's Christmas present this year (shhhh!) and she knitted her scarf! Next to Carrot is Josephine, who is fancy and French. Felix is next in line and is silly and sweet. Last, but not least, is Avraham, who was inspired by Husband.

Carrot practicing piano with Miss G
Carrot daydreaming on a rainy day
All of the foxes were named by Miss G, who really is their inspiration in the first place. She has loved (*coughobsessedcough*) foxes since she was little bitty. It's been difficult to not ruin her holiday surprise by telling her she's getting a fox because she wants one so badly. She even said she would give me all of her allowance and get rid of her other stuffed animals if she could have one! Ack!
Carrot trying to blend in with the other toys

Along with the foxes, I created some clothing and little masks for them. I'm going to have some clothing and accessories for these cuties in the shop so people can get additional things for their foxes! 

Fox fashion show time!
The dashing Avraham
Felix being mysterious
Felix and his finery

Miss G has knitted a little burgundy shawl for Josephine. She recently learned to knit and loves it! 

What fun! Here's to fun with foxes!
The original crew

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