Friday, October 25, 2013

Been around this land and back again....

Hey there!

 I'm Eryn, the New England born and bred part of the alliance. Over the past decade or so I've lived in several states around this country but always considered myself a New England girl......until I fell in love with the western shores of Lake Michigan. I now call Southeastern Wisconsin home along with my reggae lovin' husband, our brood of boys, and the coolest kitty this side of the Mississippi; Allspice aka Spicy Cat (this I feel is a valid claim as Annaliese and I are on opposite sides of the river).

 My days are full with homeschooling my older boys, crafting, cooking, all the fun that comes along with a 9 month old, and in general keeping this house of menfolk in line. I truly enjoy being in the kitchen preparing food for my family and it doesn't seem like a chore to me. I'm obsessed with all things wool; knitting, spinning, and someday I dream of having sheep ( I also dream of goats, chickens, and a dairy cow).

As a family we enjoy shopping our local farmers market (which just ended for the year, boo), spending time at the lakefront (especially in the fall/winter), hiking, camping, going to local events and festivals, and family bike rides with our bakfiets (bucket bike).

I'm so excited to be on this blogging adventure with my two long time friends and I just hope they can put up with my excessive use of punctuation and parenthesis.

Other places you can find me are:

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Sexiest man alive ;)

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