Monday, February 24, 2014

An Awesome Etsy Shop, A Weird Flea Market, and Bigfoot

These things pretty much don't have anything to do with each other, but I'm putting them all in this post because I can't wait to tell you about them!

First off, Husband and I are always trying find ways to improve our weekly grocery bill + be better environmentally. We have talked for a little while about using reusable snack bags in the kids' lunches. I was a little skeptical, because I thought that it might get messy or gross. Deciding to take the plunge, I went on Etsy and searched for "reusable snack bags". I found a lot of shops, but one stuck out to me for their prices and patterns: KBExquisites. I bought two to try them out and we loved them. Seriously. Our family loved them so much that we got three more. We use them everyday in the girls' lunches and sometimes in ours, too. These are so easy to use and clean. I have to mention that the shop's owner is absolutely sweet and great to deal with for transactions. If you are in the market for some of these, I highly, HIGHLY recommend her! We liked the chevron and polka dot patterns the best.

So this weekend we decided to leave town on a whim and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma. We had a great time! Check out our new decor for our dining nook that we found at a little old flea market in a tiny town:
Don't be jealous.
Also somewhere near the Texas border (I think), we found this place:

We were the only customers there and we took that opportunity to ask the question, "Why Bigfoot?" Being fans of cryptozoology, we couldn't believe our luck in finding this place. They even had a near "life-sized" replica of Sasquatch himself, although we think that they used a wookie costume. So why Bigfoot? "Everyone here is Bigfoot crazy," was the answer. Also, everyone has seen him except the lady we were talking to about Mr. Foot. We were surprised, not knowing that Bigfoot was in Oklahoma, but she showed us this map, which I got a picture of:
So now you know. Bigfoot is also in Oklahoma. Husband didn't get to ask her the question he really wanted to ask (what she thought about the theory that Bigfoot is actually an alien), but we did hear a story about her seeing a picture of a ghost. These are the things that happen when we go out adventuring. It's pretty freaking awesome. =D

I hope everyone had a fun and adventuresome weekend as well!

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