Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smörgåstårta the II

Have you heard the good word of smörgåstårta? In a few short weeks we are having our annual smörgåstårta feast, so I thought I would spread the sandwich cake love to this little corner of the internet. 

What is a smörgåstårta?

This, my friends: Smörgåstårta Love Pinterest Board by me. It is a big sandwich of goodness, which is made into a cake, decorated, and eaten accordingly (aka without abandon). 

Here are some of the cakes that were made for last year's party. We had a seriously amazing time making and eating them. I will admit that I was skeptical at first, not of course at how they looked (because they are gorgeous), but of how they were going to taste. I had questions like: "Is it going to be a big soggy mess?" Nope. It's delicious. I highly recommend.

Husband, very impressed with his cucumber rose making abilities.

Dreamy smörgåstårta

More smörgåstårta



  1. I want to eat this now. That is all. Dreaming of sandwich cakes.

    1. I wish you could come to the feast! =(