Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Purge It Tuesday #1 Being Honest

Too much stuff! 

This is the current contents of my closet. Not too bad right? Wrong!!! 

By rough estimate I'd say I wear about 1/4 of these clothes on a regular basis. What's worse is we just moved last month and this is only what I've unpacked so far! There are still boxes in the basement of clothes.

So I'm starting my purge by getting honest with myself. I'm accepting the fact that I have too much ( I don't want to become one of those chicks on House Hunters who complains about closet space even when the closet is the size of my childhood bedroom). 

That was pretty easy to accept. The next part is a little more difficult. Being honest with myself about what is reasonable to keep. 

So I'm starting simply by trying it all on and being really picky about what clothes suit my body type, what clothes are comfortable and practical for my lifestyle, and what clothes make me feel good when I wear them. If it doesn't fit all 3 categories, it's gone!

Now, I must interject here. I'm a crafter, a creative soul. I want to modify everything! That's where purging gets tricky for me. So I'm giving myself some leeway here; if something doesn't suit me as is I'm allowed to put it in the modify pile.......but I have to actually do said modifications within a 2 week period or it's out!

Join me won't you? Empty that closet and find what fits, what works, and what you really like on yourself!


  1. I'm in! I'll top off the "Give Away" box today and magically send it off with my husband in the morning ;) Scout's Honor.

  2. When we moved in March, I totally did this. Then as we unpacked, I did it more. Then as summer came and I saw that my Texas wardrobe of all summer clothes was too many, it happened again. I love to purge! It's still hard though. Why do I hem and haw over a top I have worn once in a year?! Whenever an area of the house gets crazy, I purge. And you know what? I have NEVER missed a thing. I have a bag of stuff in my car to go to Goodwill right now!