Sunday, November 17, 2013

La Luna

There's a full moon tonight, if you're into that sort of thing...

I know I am.

Now, I feel like I should set a few things straight before I start waxing poetic about the full moon tonight.  Full moons are not a religious experience for me but if they are for you, awesome.  If you think all of my hippie ramblings are silly but you're willing to keep reading, also awesome.  Take what you need and leave the rest be, I always say.

So tonight's full moon is in Taurus.  Taurus' full moon is all about shining the light on what you love and value and most importantly, about finding what makes you shine. Taurus is also for grounding yourself, regrouping and zeroing in your focus to what you really want out of life.  This can take the form of material possessions or not, but the point is to really figure out what you want your life to look and feel like.  For me, it means less junk and more quality experiences with my family.

Here's a fun little activity for this evening, if you're up for it...  Get out your journal, call up a friend or sit down on the couch with your honey and take turns answering these questions:

What is true for you?  What are your core values?

What gives you passion?  What gives your life meaning?

What could you do every day for the rest of your life and enjoy doing it, 
even if you never were paid for it?

What would you do with 10 million dollars? 
 (be specific and don't censor yourself)

Journal it, talk about it with a loved one, sit in quiet reflection... whatever works for you.  And if you know a Taurus, give em a hug.  Tonight is their night too.  :)

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