Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Great Midwest Clothing Purge

We just got done with a move.........again. I've lost track of how many moves have happened over the past decade but trust me when I say too many. I've met every move with the excitement that comes along with big changes in life, and this move was no different in that regard. What was different was the way I viewed this move, this house. I no longer thought " We'll rent here for a year or two and then onto the next place/city/state". Instead I find myself hoping for a sense of permanency. I don't want to move again. I don't want to try out a new city or a new state ( unless it's Alaska.....Alaska + yurt = my own personal heaven). I want to stay put and get to know our new neighborhood and community. Even though our house is a rental I'm hoping maybe the tides of change can somehow turn to make it our own.

Maybe this is what happens when you hit your 30's, that desire for a sense of permanency? I've got another strong desire too; for simplicity.

If a move does anything it makes you realize how much crap you own! Friends, I will admit I have waaaaaaay too much. Mostly in the clothing arena. Sure, I just had a baby 9 months ago so I could use my changing size over the past year and a half as an excuse, but it'd just be an excuse ( I didn't buy or wear any maternity clothes this time around, but that's another post). The truth of the matter is I just like clothes, but I'm also very particular about clothes. So I tend to have several pieces that fit in the category of " it was on clearance, and even though I take it off after 20 minutes of wearing it because I can't stand a, b, or c about it, I'm still hanging onto it because someday maybe I'll find time to fix a, b, or c". If a category has a name that long I'm thinking it's time to move on!

So I invite you to follow along over the next few weeks with me on Tuesdays as I get brutal and purge my closet, my kid's closets, and maybe even my husband's (shhhh don't tell him, the man has more shoes than me). I promise lots of pictures that will make you feel better about the state of your own closet ;).

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